The Chester Education Foundation is seeking 60 high school youth for the Summer STEP Internship Program. The participants will earn $10.35/hr.

  • Youth must be between 16-18 years of age by July 1.
  • Youth must still  attend high school in September 2020.
  • This program is not for high school graduates.
  • Youth must have a Chester City address that matches address on report card.

The following are required before program acceptance:

1. Birth certificate- participant only

2. Social security card-participant only

3. Working papers for ages 16-17 (Not required for age 18)

4. Picture ID- school or state- (State preferred with picture and current address)

5. Report card- proof that participant passed to next grade- current address must match address on the report card

6. Food stamp letter- if family is receiving food stamp please bring current letter

7. Income -if student has a part-time job we need three current pay stubs (only if student is working or worked during last 6 months)

Call Ms. Thomas 215-821-7236 to apply.