Once upon a time I predicted that Chester’s curve would continue to rise after the rest of the county has slowed down. Proof of that is conclusive as Chester has moved into 3rd place in the county COVID-19 cases.

Yeadon had been far ahead of Chester for much of the pandemic as evidenced in previous posts:

May 7 

  • Yeadon 270
  • Chester 201

May 22

  • Yeadon 365
  • Chester 349

June 15

  • Yeadon 413
  • Chester 413


  • Yeadon 413
  • Chester 415

Middletown (485) is still in a strong 2nd place and Upper Darby gets the trophy even before the game is over with their 1122 cases. Chester has earned 3rd place after their slow start but fast and steady rise to the medal platform. 

Local government doesn’t provide any direction other than to follow the CDC, PA Governor, and County guidelines. https://www.chestercity.com/coronavirus/

No new testing is scheduled that I know of.