Current disaster impacted countries and communities are oftentimes much better equipped to rebuild during the extended period of recovery, rehabilitation, and reconstruction when they have taken actions to strengthen recovery capacity and decision-making effectiveness prior to the onset of disaster. 

Recovery is the most complex of the disaster management functions, involving the greatest number and variety of stakeholders and affecting the greatest long-term impact on a community’s social and economic success. There are numerous relationships that must be formed and dependencies that must be fostered, many of which are wholly unfamiliar to the recovery stakeholders that typically operate outside of the post-disaster context. 

Pre-event research and planning for post-event recovery (i.e. pre-disaster recovery planning) helps to identify and address functional requirements and resource needs, and increases the likelihood that risk reduction and sustainable development opportunities are incorporated.

CASA Youth Advocates, the organizational home of Voices for Children, is fielding this survey to gather lessons learned during the COVID-19 response. We are interested in learning about the systems that support families, children, and youth, which include public and private organizations, service providers and advocates, and many others. The findings will be shared with our partners to inform collective and individual efforts to improve the systems that support children and youth in Delaware County. 

They are interested in hearing what you have to say to help your community recover. Take this 2-minute survey to have your voice heard.