Riding my bike around the city, I saw a familiar company had a new and unfamiliar name. I wondered how late I was to the party and had to check the internet for an update.

Biamp Systems, a leading supplier of professional audio and video solutions based in Beaverton, Oregon, purchased Chester’s Community Loudspeakers back in July of last year. 

Okay, so at least I’m less than a year late. 


In 1968, Bruce Howze, a Philly concert venue sound guy, started making his own speakers in his South Street apartment and moved out of Philly to Chester in 1981. He’s since become an innovator of the loud speaker niche, and named his company Community Loudspeakers.

Today, Community is a well-established and respected manufacturer of a broad range of premium speakers targeting demanding indoor and outdoor applications including commercial, leisure, stadiums, and other large venues.

I toured Community about 10-years ago and was fascinated walking floor to floor watching a lot of local folks hand making speakers and their cabinets from discreet electronic components and hand cut wood. It was the first place I ever saw a 3D printer and honestly had no idea what I was looking at, even after a thorough explanation from their engineer. 

Biamp System appears to be purchasing their way to becoming the worldwide one-stop-shop for all professional sound solutions. 

So cool to have a Chester company part of an international leader in this industry.   

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here’s the best way to tell you what applications and markets Biamp’s technology include…