Today’s Delaware County Daily Times front page contains photos of the four people allegedly responsible for the murder of 13-year-old Ny’Ques. Now we’ll wait and see what happens in the courtroom of justice. 

We don’t see many murders solved around here and hardly ever do they get solved in a month’s time. According to the article, there was a lot of community help in providing clues and information to round up the quartet of killers. 

…witness was able to get the license plate number for a Delaware registration.

They circled the block, as captured by video surveillance…

I wonder if those witnesses are eligible for the reward money the city offers to people who provide information leading to the arrest and conviction of someone who commits a murder. I’ve never known of any public announcement issuing that reward, but if there was ever a time to write that check, it may be now. 

I guess we weren’t entitled to know the first of the four were arrested two weeks ago. It took the capture of all four for us to learn there were any arrest at all. Seems to me the community would like to know work is successfully being done even if there’s more work to do. 

Back in the old days there used to be Most Wanted posters that would put the community on notice to look out for certain individuals. It seems the investigators knew who they were going after for quite a while but didn’t ask for our help in finding them. Yet, there’s always a cry for the community to provide information to the cops. Do investigators want community help or not? If they know who the bad guys are but don’t ask for the community’s help to them find them, I can see how that affects a bond that should be made stronger between the investigators and the community. 

But, the job got done in this case while protesters are all over the TV yelling ‘Defund the Police.’ Is it about money for the police or is it about how the police do their job? I don’t see what one things has to do with the other. 

Chester police didn’t wait for a slogan to defund. Allegedly, the alleged city receiver has already defunded the Chester police with a hiring freeze and eliminating all overtime. Who knows what’s next on his chopping block: ammunition, car washes, dry cleaning uniforms?

I like ‘Reboot the Police’ as a slogan. Camden, NJ got rid of their city police in lieu of county police. It seems to be working for them. Many communities around here have a rent-a-cop arrangement with State Police. With the new guys running the Delaware County D.A. office, I suspect they are coming up with ways to ‘Reboot the Police’ in the county. There’s got to be a better way to put the best county law enforcement resources where they are needed, keeping cops working where they are best suited, and consolidating the tools of their trade.

In the Daily Times article, there are two statements that caught my eye. The first is from the D.A.

“In this country, it shouldn’t be true, as it is here in the City of Chester, that it is easier to get a gun than it is to get a middle-class job or it is to get a good quality education.” 

And then the Mayor of Chester…

“You can choose to live and prosper and grow in our community, or you can choose to do the wrong thing like take a life and spend the rest of your life in jail.”

If we could mash those two statements together is would go something like this…

You can choose to live and prosper and grow in our community once we can find a way to get you a middle-class job or a good quality education.