It seems like only yesterday Chester City had 4 COVID-19 cases while other parts of the county was raging like Radnor. As I predicted, Chester would be late to the party but would be hit hard once it hits.

This morning Chester has 396 cases. At the pace were on, we’ll be at 400 later today or tomorrow. Radnor has leveled out is sits at 137. Yeadon got hit very hard but Chester is on pace to overtake them by the end of the week. No Delaware County municipality will match Upper Darby’s 1059 cases and Chester may not catch Middletown Township as the cases are starting to slow. Having the 3rd most COVID-19 cases in the county is not a proud moment in our history.

Chester deaths are creeping up fast, too. We’re now up to 24.

Screen Shot 2020-06-08 at 10.31.30 AM