Back on April 14 the Governor declared a fiscal emergency for the City of Chester and placed us in receivership. On April 23, an Emergency Action Plan was made public. However, over a month later, there’s no signs a receiver has been named. 

I been asked if I know anything about a receiver so often that I decided to start snooping around. It didn’t take long to discover some interesting stuff. 

I originally thought they may have had a receiver in mind at the beginning and the person decided they didn’t want to do it and a new search may be going on. But, my little research (which I hardly ever do, but it kills time during the stay-at-home order) I may have stumbled on something.

I don’t know who would have sent out a press release naming a new receiver, but since it hasn’t been in the Daily Times and I never get press releases anyway, I don’t think what I’m about to share has been officially announced. Therefore, I could be completely flying blind, so please don’t take the following information as gospel.

There’s a guy named Michael Doweary from York, PA who is listed as a court appointed receiver for 3rd class cities in PA in the Office of Receiver in Pennsylvania State government. He just got this appointment in May 2020. He formerly worked for the City of York as the business administrator during the time that Kim Bracey (or Bracy) was Mayor. Mrs. Bracey is now Executive Director Governor’s Center for Local Government Services in the PA Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) who are basically the watchdogs over the Act 47 program.

If Doweary is our guy, when is he getting started? Has he started? Will he be announced? 

Always more questions than answers in Chester.