DentalChat, an innovative global dental platform, added new features and partnerships in May to serve patients in need during COVID-19.  Over 250,000 monthly visitors turn to for help with dental concerns, questions, and referrals to a local dentist. During COVID-19, DentalChat formed key alliances with insurers, organizations, and business partners.  People can use Local TeleDental Service or Dental Chat with Dentists for FREE at

An endorsement from the Pennsylvania Dental Association (PDA) noted:

“With COVID-19 causing great disruption to the dental profession, PDA has been researching teledentistry options for PDA members. The company we think will meet the needs of members is DentalChat. Over the past 10 years, DentalChat’s team has built a suite of services that provide multiple ways to connect dentists to people seeking help.”

Even after dental practice openings, Dentalchat provides unique free online dental consulting for people. Many Dental practices shut down during COVID-19 left many patients without a resource for help and in danger of overloading emergency rooms. At DentalChat, they find free answers to their questions from professional dentists. But with the addition of virtual consults through a secure video room, patients now benefit from more options than ever.

Dr. Greg Grillo, VP of Business Development, says “Our mission is to help people with their dental care. During COVID-19, demand has exploded. Building on our strong history, we’re engaging consumers through chat messaging, video consults, referrals to dentists, articles, and more.”  DentalChat’s solid organic SEO presence means that consumers frequently end up on their site for answers to questions.

DentalChat’s record of building innovative connectivity tools spans a decade in the dental online space. The team of dentists, developers, dentists, and health care professionals have created a tool that benefits both patients and dentists. The suite includes:

  1. Smart Chatbot: Patients utilize a chatbot with AI capability to ask questions through DentalChat’s website. A team of licensed, U.S.-based dentists provide free answers through a secure, HIPAA-compliant system.
  2. Virtual Rooms: Patients can enter virtual spaces to connect with a dentist for a live-video consult at reasonable rates. Using Best Teledental Service.and Local Teledenistry via the dentist’s own dental website.
  3. Directory Listings: Site visitors find over 1000s dentists listed in DentalChat’s profile section of their website. They can look for dentists to contact in their area.
  4. Referrals: Many patients ask for referrals to dentists, and DentalChat provides them with their extensive list of subscribers. DentalChat helps people connect with dentists.

Dentists also enjoy a level of connectivity that breaks through the bottlenecks of traditional communication tools.  In addition to the referral and connectivity services, DentalChat’s HIPAA-compliant AI chatbot is available to install on their own practice website. This tool quickly engages site visitors and gathers info for the internal team to further assist new patients.  Dentists across the globe can also use this tool for their own practices.

About DentalChat: DentalChat offers a comprehensive communication platform that connects patients and dentists across the globe. Based in Orange County, CA DentalChat was founded over a decade ago by a dentist, Dr S Said, who specializes in technology. The service has proven invaluable to thousands of patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.