Chester High and STEM are working on “Gift Baskets” for our graduating seniors.  Due to the current situation, many of the items we intended to provide seniors with are now scarce.  We are looking for donations for any of the following items (or any other items that you can get in your hands on in bulk) to fill our baskets.  Any assistance procuring these items would be greatly appreciated!

Gift Basket Ideas: (For approximately 250 Gift Baskets)

  1. Single wrapped toilet tissue rolls
  2. Single wrapped paper towels
  3. Laundry detergent pods
  4. Toothpaste/brushes –> see comment section
  5. Bars of soap or body wash
  6. Legal pad (the small ones)
  7. Ink pens
  8. Bags of chips
  9. Box of Nissin cup of soup/ Cup O’ Noodles
  10. Cereal Boxes
  11. Toiletries
  12. Candy Bag or Bars of Candy
  13. Flip Flops/Shower Shoes
  14. Blankets/Fitted Sheets
  15.         Fast Food or Restaurant Gift Cards/Coupons ect..


More details regarding where/when to drop these items off will be forthcoming, but I wanted to get a list out to everyone now so you could keep an eye/ear out for any local businesses/charities/families/etc. who’d be willing to donate.  Please contact myself or Principal Cameron with any questions.  Thank you all for your support of the 2020 Senior Class!




Jason Vann Hamer, Ed.D.

Principal, STEM Academy at Showalter