I’m thankful for newspaper reporters like Alex Rose who can sort through the legal mumble jumble to help us understand the case against Delcora brought forth by the Delaware County Council. I received the cover letter and filing yesterday and after a page or two, I knew I didn’t have the time or knowledge to make heads or tails of it.

I can’t say I totally understand it now, but today’s article in the Delaware County Daily Times helps me understand the case is not to stop the sale of Delcora to Aqua, it’s to reverse the approval of the trust fund where the proceeds of the sale will land. 

The best line of the whole article was the last line which says, 

Today’s action to block the formation of the trust is one step forward in reversing a murky political deal.

That sort of confirms in my crazy mixed up mind that this particular case does nothing to stop the sale from going through, it only addresses where the money goes if and when the sale goes through. 

Since that last line mentions this is only one step, maybe we should expect a step two to attempt to block the approval of the sale. 

Who knows? All this water utility stuff going on in Chester is confusing. Now that the lawyers are involved, it probably won’t get sorted out and understood for a long time to come.