I called a person I care about to see how they’re holding up and they said they’re working from home participating in a lot of video conference calls. 

I couldn’t do it. 

I hear a lot of my friends are on multiple video conference calls a day as part of their job and I know I’d be going stir crazy. I’m not a video guy. I lose interest quickly and fall asleep fast. I know I’d be the guy who would be viewed on Zoom or Google Meet with only the top of his head showing because I would have fallen asleep face first on the keyboard. 

There’s been a lot of press about Zoom Fatigue describing how exhausted people are becoming who participate in these video conferences all day. I read one that reveled how autistic people thrive on video conferences because their biggest challenge is the abundance of distractions that surround them which is eliminated on video conferences especially if you set it to only view the active person speaking. 

And then there’s the set up, background, lighting, hair, makeup, clothing, and all the technical stuff you have to deal with on video calls. I saw Billy Porter on Trevor Noah’s Daily Show as they video conferenced each other. In typical Billy Porter fashion, he was stylishly attired where Trevor had on his signature hoodie. When asked about it, Billy Porter said he may look like class on top but there’s ass on the bottom because he wasn’t wearing pants. He really didn’t have to prove it to me, but he did provide a glimpse to prove his point. 

I’m a listener. My friend said she has no problem staying awake knowing she’s on video but would fall asleep if she was only listening. I’m just the opposite. 

To prove that point, I’m willing to bet I’m one of the handful of people who listened to WURD 900AM on Wednesday on their broadcast dedicated to the 35th Anniversary of the MOVE bombing from end to end. I listened continuously from about 10:15 am until about 5:45 pm when Michael Africa, Jr. closed the show with a powerfully moving naming and personal recollection of each of the 11 victims of that tragedy. 

The one thing about listening is that it takes more devoted attention than viewing. I know people who sit in front of the TV with their laptop, iPad, and phone while a show is going on and don’t miss a thing. You can’t do the same with audio. Try listening to an audiobook while texting your mother or reading a Facebook post and you’ll miss an entire chapter. 

Please don’t think I wasn’t doing anything while I listened to WURD for nearly 8 hours. I did a bunch of mindless activities like cooking, cleaning, and cutting and pasting on the PC. Being a regular listener to podcasts and audiobooks has built up my listening stamina. 

I guess I can say I did a radio binge on Wednesday. I’m built for that.