UPDATE: Since I received this flyer so close to the time of the event, I may as well use this space to report on the event.

I’ll admit I was a tad concerned at the title…Road To Recovery. In my mind we are still very much right in the middle of the storm and talks of recovery are a little less important than surviving the here and now. The road to recovery will be long and hard and hopefully forums like this will continue to focus on recovering when the time comes.

That being said, there wasn’t any recovery talk going on in the tele town hall. After the introductions of the panel and them describing what’s going on in their respective corners of government, a half-hour was left for questions from the folks listening in.

Most of calls came from Sharon Hill, Darby, Upper Darby and one from East Landsdowne. Most of them were job related in terms of unemployment compensation challenges. There was a stimulus check issue. There was a PPE and staffing issue from someone working at Fair Acres. There was a COVID-19 testing inquiry.

The questions reveled the difficult complexities many are having navigating bureaucracy. The panel addressed each question as well as they could but most required follow up.

The one piece of good news on the call is more COVID-19 testing is coming to Chester in the form of a mobile van. They said it will be in place for a couple days for walkup testing. This same van is also scheduled to do testing in Yeadon and Upper Darby rounding out the three Delco municipalities where people of color are hardest hit by the coronavirus.

To the organizers, please feel free to send the flyer for the next town hall to be posted on this site ahead of time for the people of Chester to participate. People in Chester have questions, too (I couldn’t find it posted on any Chester related site). 




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