I arrived at 9:15am and the parking lot was already full. At about 9:45am the van pulled in with the Black Doctors who were received like rock stars. Cars started to line up besides the Laborers #413 Union Hall and by 10:30am the line of cars stretched nearly a half mile, all the way back to Kerlin Street.


It was no joke. Cars lined up from Kerlin Street to beyond the upper left corner of this photo


The pent up demand for COVID-19 testing in Chester was finally rectified for those who got the information and had the patience to wait in line. 

I didn’t stick around for long and had no intentions of doing any interviews. But, I did take a few photos. 

Dr. Ala Stanford. Founder of Black Doctors.

I have exchanged emails and phone calls with the Black Doctors in the couple days leading up to today. They said they’ve tested over 3000 people so far and were looking forward to coming to Chester. 

Although not a rock band, they still had a lot of equipment to unload
People who walked up were seated outside for testing. Those in cars stayed in their car (see feature photo)

Please donate to the Black Doctor’s GoFundMe page https://www.gofundme.com/f/covid19-BDCC and learn more about them here https://realconciergemedicine.com.