Not sure if it’s real or rumored, but a reader texted me the flyer below indicating Free COVID-19 Testing at the Laborers #413 Union Hall on Tuesday in Chester.

If it’s real, it’s a blessing to have Dr. Ala Stanford and the Black Doctors COVID-19 Consortium come to Chester. They are a Philadelphia based group who have been nationally recognized for taking it among themselves to provide testing in black communities around Philly.

Support them with your dollars on GoFundMe.

Chester City has had 285 reported cases of COVID-19 and the numbers could be greater if more testing was available. If you are exhibiting symptoms or have been in contact with anyone suspected to have COVID-19, register for a free COVID-19 test at

Nothing indicates this testing is exclusively for Chester residents so I’d register as soon as possible because I’m sure the number of tests they’ll administer is limited.



So there’s no confusion, it’s the Black Doctors who choose to come to Chester. They are not here at the request of anyone here in Chester. Thanks to the Laborer’s for making their space available for testing. I got this information from a phone call with the Black Doctors.