Back in March I asked if Kimberly Clark can spare a few rolls of toilet paper for Chester folks. I thought I asked nicely, but I got some rather hostile responses in the comment sections.

A few folks accused me of asking for a handout when in fact I was asking on behalf of the people in need. Other’s reminded me of the paper product give aways Kimberly-Clark has done in the past, but I was specifically asking what have they done for us lately, as in the present tense. Still others wanted me to know how well they treat their employees, which was totally out in left field since I never mentioned employees. One person said the warehouse is empty and everything they make is being sent to stores, which isn’t any surprise considering how folks are hoarding toilet paper.

All I asked was if Kimberly-Clark could break off a few cases for folks who live in Chester? Obviously, the answer is no for all the reasons folks explained in the comment sections.

This week, the Delaware County Daily Times did an article on Kimberly-Clark and their toilet paper making manufacturing plant in Chester. They reported…

In normal times, the Chester plant produces two million rolls of Scott 1000 a day, more the 700 million a year.

They won’t give current production numbers but they are working 24×7 pumping out just one product, ‘Scott 1000’ single ply toilet paper.

I still think it would be nice if they could drop off a case at each of the 7 senior living centers, or maybe a couple cases to the Chester Housing Authority to distribute throughout their developments, or maybe right across the street to Chester City Hall for them to make available to people like the National Guard did with the cases of food they dropped off.

I’m not even asking for a whole 53-foot truck full of toilet paper. Just drop a few cases out the hatch on your way to the stores many Chester folks can’t easily get to right now.

Let’s be clear to those who think I’m begging. I’m cool with toilet paper. But there are some people right here with no job, no money, and who get to stores with no toilet paper on the shelves when millions of rolls are being manufactured right down the street.

I’m sure if they just left a few cases at the front gate, some folks would walk down and get a roll or two for themselves. As in the first article, has anyone asked?

The Daily Times story is good publicity for Kimberly-Clark, but I’d rather see a good news story on Kimberly-Clark. It won’t put a dent on their bottom line to donate a few cases here in Chester.

What’s it going to take to make this happen?