I’m short on words and full of emotion. I froze when I got the text that he’d been shot in the head. I couldn’t move. I was on my front porch enjoying the weather, watching the traffic go by, doing some website stuff. That all came to an abrupt halt. I cried.


As Obama said about Trayvon, I say about Ny’Ques – He could be my son. He reminded me of me when I was his age the way he dominated in his age group. The only difference was he was still getting bigger and better at 13 where I peaked at about 14, and he played football and basketball to my baseball and basketball. We were all anxious to see what was to become of his talents. 


My dad and his dad were Masonic brothers. My dad must have taught his dad well because KC did for Ny’Ques what my dad did for me. KC was at every game and every practice. He never pushed Ny’Ques or got in the way of the coach. He just made sure My’Ques was ready for every contest and sat back and reveled in the results. 


Now that bond is irrevocably broken over some bullshit. 


I can’t. I’m done. I’m through. I’m outta words.