Chester’s reported COVID-19 cases have more than doubled in the last 9-days from 99 on April 22 to 201 on May 1. We’re now up to 4 deaths.

Someone brought to my attention they don’t understand what these numbers represent.

This map displays the total number of reported COVID-19 cases each municipality in Delaware County has encountered. Obviously, many of those people have survived the disease. Some have been told to quarantine at home without having to go to the hospital, some are currently in the hospital, some have been released from the hospital, and others have died.

This map does not account for anything more than the number of people who tested positive from a COVID-19 test for each town. I’m sure the local hospitals can provide the number of people they have admitted for COVID-19, how many they currently have in beds, the number of people they’ve released, and the number that didn’t survive. I don’t know if hospitals publish those numbers for the public to view. Even if they did, it probably isn’t broken down by the patient’s zip code which would make it difficult to match up with the county map. 

Other hot spots in the county are Middletown, also with 200 cases but a whopping 40 deaths. Marple has 199 cases and 38 deaths. Yeadon has 247 cases and 23 deaths. Haverford has 227 cases and 22 deaths. Neither Providence has 131 cases and 23 deaths. Upper Darby has an astounding 658 cases and 11 deaths.

Statistically, Yeadon probably has it the worst being far ahead of all other municipalities with 2.4% of their 11,471 residents testing positive for COVID-19 and 23 deaths. By comparison, Chester has 0.59% testing positive and 4 deaths. But when you look at loss of life, Middletown and Marple nearly double the next closest towns.