I was amused when someone on Facebook asked, What is Zoom? I read the responses with great interest because I was too embarrassed to ask the question myself since I had no idea what Zoom was.

Actually, I did know what Zoom was but thanks to the answers, I was thinking it was a whole different Zoom. I own several Zoom digital recorders for recording podcasts and interviews. I doubt if they’re the same company.

I knew nothing of Zoom video conferencing mainly because I’ve never had occasion for video conferencing before this month. I noticed their stock is rising and they’re experiencing growth rate they never anticipated and people are using their product in ways they weren’t anticipating. And, I heard there are some security issues they’re working out.

I’ve been on two Zoom video conference calls in the past couple weeks. I’m not a video kinda guy so my opinion is probably biased, but I’d be just as content being on a telephone conference call.

I saw today that Google is rolling out their Google Meet product for free. They’ve been in this video conferencing game for a while but mostly for corporate clients. For those of you considering a video conference platform that doesn’t have all the baggage that comes along with a Zoom download, I’d highly recommend Google Meet.

They are Google, for goodness sake.

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