Chester State Correctional Institution (SCI) list the 2nd highest COVID-19 rates among their staff in the Pennsylvania State prison system. We hear a lot of what’s going on at the George Hill Correctional Facility – the Delaware County prison – in Thornton, but nothing about the state prison in Chester.

According to the state’s Department of Corrections website, remarkably, Chester SCI with its 1014 inmates have had 0 cases among the inmates. The 12 cases among the Chester SCI staff ranks second to 39 cases reported at the Phoenix (PA) SCI staff. Phoenix leads the state with 27 reported positive inmate cases of their population of just over 3000 inmates.

They do say…

All figures are self-reported by employees. The DOC does not have the rights to obtain medical information on staff, so the DOC relies on employees to provide that information.

The state prisons started a statewide inmate quarantine on March 29.