My favorite Chester City Councilperson is William Morgan. He represents the best of Chester’s younger generation and has the unenviable task of managing the city’s finances. As he learns how to get our city beyond its current state of financial affairs, he’ll be well suited to lead us when times get better. 

I listened to his interview today with Cory Long on the Making A Change Group FacebookLive broadcast and heard some good things and some not so good things. 

It was good to hear a clarification of the ‘partnership’ reference to Aqua and the City of Chester regarding the generous donation Aqua fostered for Chester nonprofits. Many have disputed their role as a partner, but Councilman Morgan explained that they’d partner with any corporation who desires to use the city to identify nonprofits in need of corporate donations. I appreciate that reasoning. 

I was surprised he said the city didn’t have a list of all of Chester’s non-profit organizations and what they do. A list like that is easily obtained considering all non-profits are state registered entities. Maybe I just didn’t understand his statement. 

I was disappointed to hear him say no one protested the Aqua – Delcora merger, and hear him say it’s a done deal. No, Aqua has not purchased Delcora and the PUC filing that would approve such a sale is far from complete. Besides Delcora’s own employees staging a protest in front of Delcora’s headquarters, Delaware County council members have expressed their opposition to a sale of Delcora to Aqua. I sense more public information on that business arrangement will be forthcoming in the near future. 

Otherwise, I enjoyed the conversation between Councilman Morgan and Cory Long. It’s always great to hear from our city officials talk openly about city business outside of the occasional press conferences and newspaper quotes. Hopefully, Cory Long will entertain a few more city officials to join him on his show.  

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