I keep checking Chestercity.com to find if Chester’s mayor still intends to request a COVID-19 testing site. But, I keep checking the county map and notice how fewer COVID-19 cases there are in Chester than in places like Upper Darby, Radnor, Haverford, and even Nether Providence.

Maybe, because places like Upper Darby has 80 cases and Chester only has 11, we don’t qualify for a testing site. Or, maybe Chester people are just much more resilient to the virus. Or, maybe the social distancing thing is working out better in Chester than elsewhere around the county.

Or, could it be more people are getting tested in other places and people in Chester aren’t getting tested?

Lower income people don’t have carte blanch access to health care like many working families do. Black folks, particularly men, are less likely to visit doctors even if they have health insurance. Black women, although more likely to visit doctors, are prone to put it off in order to take care of others first.

I can not tell you how many times I’ve heard these excuses: ‘They always gonna find something wrong,’ or ‘I just don’t want to know,’ or ‘They ain’t gonna cut on me,’ or ‘I ain’t got the copay,’ or ‘I can’t afford all them medicines.’

Call me out if I’m lying, y’all.

Chester may only have 11 COVID-19 cases. Or, there may be some people sitting home sick not wanting to know if they got it. There could be some people who know they got it and don’t want you to know they got it.

Regardless of the excuse, if you don’t have all the symptoms, or if you don’t have a primary care physician, or if you don’t have good insurance, or if there’s nowhere easily accessible to your home that’s doing COVID-19 testing even if you are sick, many folks around here will probably never be counted.

I don’t know what’s the better look. Is it being close to accurate on the number of confirmed cases in your town, or being fictionally reported because many can’t, won’t, or refuse to be tested. Just like some individuals and families feel ashamed if they have COVID-19, I’m sure municipalities feel shame when their counts get high.

By the looks of the numbers, Chester has little to be ashamed of at this point.