I’ve been doing this blogging thing for 10-years and I still have no clue which posts will be ignored versus the ones to get traction. I’m glad I don’t get paid-per-click or have a need for blog traffic to justify advertising rates because when I think I’m writing something that will take off, it usually never does.

Nothing prepared me for seeing the little blog mention of my time with Officer Brownelle Lee becoming the most viewed post ‘ever’ on this site – and it got that way in less than 2-days. Amazing.

I saw the final processional on TV news still not fully embracing the magnitude of the moment. But, just hearing her name and seeing all those police cars sparked a funny story she told me. I don’t think she’d mind if I shared it with you here.

When Brownelle worked the streets as a Chester police officer, she usually worked nights so she could get the kids off to school in the mornings. At some point during her shift she would go to the Linwood Wawa to get coffee.

She told me about a night she was making that run traveling down 9th street and eventually heading down that dark hill leading to Linwood when she hit something which crashed into her windshield.

She was in shock. She panicked. I imagined hearing her screaming.

She got on the radio to call for help telling dispatch, ‘I crashed on 9th street in Linwood. I hit a hairy naked Black man and he crashed through my window. I don’t know if he’s alive.’

She explained how fast they responded and how she got mad hearing all the cops laughing before they attempted to get her out the car.

Then they finally told her she hit a deer.

I’m already missing laughing with her!