Since I started subscribing to the new Black New Channel, I was curious where the rest of you get your news. I’m glad I procrastinated on doing this post because news watching has gone to a whole other level since the coronavirus landed.

I thought I’d do a piece on the new Black News Channel and see if I’m the only person watching. I figure I probably am the only one watching. I’ll get to my thoughts on the channel later.

According to Axios, a new survey from TV analysis company Magid finds 51% are increasing their consumption of news amid the coronavirus outbreak, with 49% checking on the news multiple times a day. Is that you?

Cable news networks have seen viewership surge more than 50% since the beginning of the year, according to an analysis by television measurement company Alphonso. Broadcast newscasts are also seeing ratings bumps, with some networks adding news coverage to replace reality TV and entertainment content. In what is normally a scattered and decentralized media and entertainment landscape, the nation’s interest is now concentrated around the same information and the same developments in the news. Having the same shared priorities allows news to be shared much wider than in normal times.

Normally, I don’t watch much TV news at all. Since the coronavirus, I’ve been reaching for my remote a little more often than normal, but still probably far less than most.

Here’s my scattered brain approach to watching TV news.

I love me some Bus Stop Buddy

While I’m trying to scarf down some food at 5am before heading to work I might land on Fox 29 Good Day Philadelphia, and will definitely find something else to do before it gets corny with Mike Jarrick and crew at 7am if I’m off. If I’m hanging with mom, she’s locked into CBS, but I can only tolerate the CBS Evening News where I might get a peek at Jericka Duncan. On cable I might spend a few minutes surfing between CNN, Fox, and MSNBC. BBC America is cool. If I’m streaming, I like Reuters, then Al Jazeera, then RT.

newsy 3

My go-to news source is Newsy. Most cable systems carry them. I love their tag line – ‘We inform, not influence.’ That’s exactly what they do. I love their simple approach to delivering quality content.


Now my take on Black News Channel. They launched in February and it took a little while for Comcast/Xfinifty to get on board. When they did, instead of it being another channel to choose from, it’s a $3.99 subscription that’s an internet channel  (I still haven’t figured out their internet channel stuff). I wanted to give Black News Channel a shot, so I subscribed.

black news 1

It’s not bad, but it’s not great. They intend to bring a 24-hour Black news coverage, but is there 24-hours of Black news out there? I’ll answer that for you – No. A lot of their content are the same stories I’m getting everywhere else. Yes, they have Black hosts but its not quite hitting my sweet spot on Black news coverage.

black news 3

But then coronavirus hit. In an instant, Black News Channel has stepped up their game and brings the Black experts on, talks about situations unique to Black America with the virus, and really is doing a great job covering this topic from a perspective the other news networks aren’t. Therefore, I’m still subscribed.

black news 2

The networks and big cable channels give me too much Trump and stories that don’t resonate with me. Between Newsy and Black New Channel, they’re getting most of my attention when I take the time to turn on the TV.