Chatting with a guy, we agreed that COVID-19 won’t get real for most people until they know someone who gets it.

That very guy called me today to tell me we know someone who got it. She experienced a bad case of migraine headache, went to the hospital, and look what they found.

She lives near Denver, seems to be doing well, and is expected to have a full recovery, but it just got ‘real-real’ for me.

Unless you’re in a deep state of denial, every day seems like a slow burn creeping up on all sides. As one guy put it, when someone sneezes now, we don’t even say God Bless You. We give em a dirty look and walk briskly away.

Bob Marley asks, ‘Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?’ In this day of damn near martial law, his verse goes…

Nobody now give you no break
Police now give you no break
Not soldier man give you no break
Not even you idren [brethren] now give you no breaks

Whatcha gonna do?