There’s a big factory that makes toilet paper on the Chester riverfront. I’m not sure what they give to the Chester community besides some good jobs and a lot of polluted air from burning coal. How cool would it be if we could get some of that toilet paper?

It would be public relations gold for Kimberly-Clark across the country if they were seen offering every Chester household the opportunity to pick up a couple rolls of Scott-1000 toilet paper. My insiders there say they have a lot a cases of ‘recycled’ toilet paper, or rolls that don’t have the cardboard center, that employee take home.

I personally don’t understand the need to hoard toilet paper, but when there’s a factory right in your city making the product and shipping it across the land, don’t you think it would be a win-win if they could find a way to share a few rolls with at least the people in most need around the city of Chester?

Has anyone asked? Does anyone care?