Head coach Landry Kosmalski of No. 1 Swarthmore College Men’s Basketball is the 2019-20 National Coach of the Year, the National Association of Basketball Coaches announced on Friday.


Hard stop right here. To all of y’all laughing at me for attending Swarthmore games this year, whatcha gotta say now?


Okay. I’ll confess. I honestly had to look more than once at what I was seeing. They meant coach of the conference, or coach of Chester Avenue. Nope, I was reading it right. The coach of lil ole Swarthmore College men’s basketball is the National Coach of the Year for all of Division III.


How cool is that?

To those of you not familiar with Swarthmore basketball, you’re probably saying who is this guy? The best answer I can give if from a random guy I ran into at Pairings in Media. He was trying to get one of their games on his laptop using Pairings janky WiFi. I heard it was a Swarthmore game and I said they ain’t gonna lose this year. Little did I know, the guy was the father of a Swarthmore basketball player. He raved at how great Landry was with the players and that Landry was the second best basketball player to come out of Davidson College. If you know anything about basketball, you know who the best player out of Davidson is – Stephen Curry.


The damn coronavirus has cancelled the college basketball season so we’ll never know if the #1 team in Division III would end the year at #1, but we’ll safely assume they would.

One thing for sure, they’ve got the #1 coach in the nation.

Congratulations Landry