The only meeting I want city government to be having is a daily meeting on how they are helping us get through this coronavirus.

I’m really biting my tongue in an effort to not scream at them for wasting time with the formality of a city council meeting. If the city needs to do something right now, just do it. You all are going to vote in favor anyway.

Stop playing.

We need leadership out of city hall right now, not politics. Save the Facebook Live City Council meetings for after the crisis, even though many of us have been asking for it forever.

I can’t tell you what to do or how to do it, but scheduling a city council meeting for next Wednesday makes no damn sense. The Governor is shutting the whole state down and sending in the troops before then.

I don’t want to be on here bitching and moaning, but people of Chester, we’re in trouble. Do what you gotta do because city government is late and clueless!

city council meeting