Keystone Quality Transport has quickly geared up for the challenges of transporting individuals who may potentially have coronavirus to health providers by training their first responders how to properly don personal protective equipment and how to operate ventilators.

You see their fleet of ambulances all around Chester and Delaware Counties and with the demand expected to rise in the next few weeks, it’s critical all first responders protect themselves from infection (and from spreading infection) in order to stay on the job to keep these critical ambulances on the streets.

keystone ambulance 03

With a fleet of 130 vehicles, this Delaware County based ambulance company provides a variety of emergency and non-emergency ambulance, paratransit and dedicated shuttle services to hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, adult day care and behavioral health programs. It’s obvious that safety and customer satisfaction are paramount at KQT.

Each year, they perform over 100,000 transports safely and efficiently, driving customer value and patient satisfaction and that number is bound to spike up this year.

Keystone Ambulance 01