Dr. Juan R. Baughn, Ed.D. is appointed to serve as the permanent receiver for the Chester Upland School District for a term to begin on or before May 25, 2020 stated Judge Barry C. Dozer in an order handed down earlier today. Dr. Baughn had recently stepped down as superintendent of the district which he’s served for the past 3- years.

Judge Dozer states…

Juan R. Baughn, having served the Chester Upland School District, is known to the Court having testified at prior hearings, substantially satisfies the requirements of the School District Financial Recovery Law. ·Dr. Juan R. Baughn provides experience and continuity, a proven “road record” in working with the Chester Upland School District and staff and the Pennsylvania Department of Education, as well as exemplary educational and professional credentials as a School District Administrator and educator.

Congratulations Dr. Baughn. On behalf of the citizens of Chester, we are proud you continue to offer your services to the school district. There isn’t a more impactful position than receiver and we look forward to doing anything we can to assist you in putting the pieces back together on our school district to provide quality education for our young scholars.