More than a couple people reached out to me concerned that I appeared angrier than usual after they read my latest blog post criticizing the writings of columnist Christine Flowers. I didn’t think I wrote with any more anger than usual when I find something I don’t like so I wondered where all the perceived hostility bubbled up from. In fact, I think I have more in common with Christine than not. We both are from Delco. We are about the same age. We both come from working class families. We both had an early Catholic childhood education. And, we both write our opinions on stuff we’re passionate about.

Our writing styles are miles apart. I’m purposely short and try to stick to a single point. She is excruciatingly long and often writes too little about good points and too much about bad ones in a single piece. I typically criticize the bad stuff she writes and leave the good stuff alone. And to show exactly what I mean, here are some of the good/true and bad/false things in her latest column.

Christine Good:

In reference to Dr. Martin Luther King, Christine admits that …

Hostility between the races has existed for centuries, and the ramifications of laws that treated people unequally for many years won’t and can’t be eradicated by eloquent speeches. Not even the deaths of those who make those speeches have made an appreciable change in the way we deal across the race lines.

Christine True:

In reference to Donald Trump…

most people will tell you they feel that certain forms of prejudice have been on the rise since 2016. Others say the volume hasn’t changed, it’s just that now the closet bigots are willing to come out of the shadows and flaunt their hatred.

Daily Times editor Phil Heron has been saying for years – in some way, shape or form -everything always comes down to race. On Monday he wrote about his own publication’s online site…

There are no eyes that review comments before they go online. It usually does not take long for the “discussion” to descend into the gutter, often along racial lines.

I’d be curious to know if the bigots making online comments on the Daily Times website have increased or decreased since 2016 when Trump became president. I wouldn’t be surprised if the needle didn’t move much. It was pretty bad before Trump.

Christine Bad:

for every documented hate crime, there are at least as many fake crimes that are committed by the very people who claim to be targets of the hatred

Neither of us have the stats to back up that statement but I’m willing to believe there are far more hate crimes, reported and unreported, than you’ll find fake hate crimes.

Christine True:

I know that hatred will continue to exist unless we look at it with a clinical eye, unclouded by personal prejudice and partisan bias. There is hatred against minorities, and it has most deeply impacted the black community.

Christine True:

Meghan Markel has wanted to do things her own way, which is fine if she were living the happy single life in L.A. But she chose to marry into the most storied royal family in history, and when she did so, she understood what was required of her. One of those things was to shut her mouth and go along, and if she didn’t like that, she didn’t need to apply for the job, much less accept it.

I couldn’t agree more. The whole point of marrying into the royal family is to act like a royal. You’re not supposed to even think about doing anything outside of royal protocol. She might take up a hobby or be the face of a charity of some sort, but to think of working as an actress again is out the question and to suggest leaving the royal family is ridiculous. That’s not to say she should have to endure the bigoted coverage she’s getting in the British media, but the royals should have something in place to defend her against such attacks. They probably never thought that far ahead.

Rev. Peter A. Friedrichs wrote a letter to the Daily Time editor indicating that Christine could only write the things she writes due to white privilege. He took umbrage that she sloppily misquoted Dr. King and brought up this other issue…

she has the temerity to claim that “sometimes, race doesn’t matter.”

And then Rev Peter crafted the best quote of 2020, so far…

To say that “race doesn’t matter” in any circumstance is to “e-race” a critical part of the identity of every person of color.

I ain’t mad at Christine. Although we are worlds apart on some of our views, I love her conviction and bold willingness to call it like she sees it. That’s what people do who do what we do. If you don’t have a tough skin in this business, you may as well step away from the keyboard.

(Thanks to Rev Peter, I gotta find a way to start using the word ‘temerity’ in my writings somewhere).