Once again, my favorite Sunday person to pick on has left me befuddled. Christine Flowers’ piece, ‘Working to get past the color of our skin’ has simply made me wonder why I even write. People actually pay her American currency to put out stuff like this while I have to publish my own paper and blog to serve a much smaller audience with stuff that makes sense. It may not be racial but it’s obviously not fair.

Why did the first four words of her editorial have to be ‘Martin Luther King, Jr?’ She knew it was going to suck me right in. She made reference to his famous quote which is…

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

But, Christine Flowers did not even take any effort to quote the quote, and decided to reword and redefine MLK’s quote to suit the theme of her article when she writes, “Martin Luther King, Jr. famously asked us to focus on the content of a person’s character and ignore the color of their skin.”

I’m sorry Christine, and all your loyal readers, but MLK is absolutely not asking people to ignore the color of their skin. In fact, he is insisting that you bathe in the beauty of the brown and beige color of his four little children, and when you do, don’t judge them based on their color but by their character. Martin never told anyone to be color blind. He lived and died fighting for the rights of the ‘coloreds.’

It’s people like Flowers who have reduced the real Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to a sweet fun loving cartoon character and not the rebel and revolutionary that he really was. In my opinion, if anyone wants to do a real study of Dr. King, in the following order, read ‘The Seminarian’ by Patrick Parr, followed by ‘The Radical King’ by Dr. Cornel West, and end with ‘Death of a King’ by Tavis Smiley. Anything you pick up after that will be filler.

I really don’t know what point she was trying to make on race with her typical style of writing far too many words, but she disturbed me when she wants her readers to be upset that Black folks had no business coming to the defense of Michael White. She writes…

It is amazing to me how people rallied to the defense of the killer (Michael White), who was black, merely because he was black. It is an abomination, nauseating, and the people who did this are beneath contempt.

Here’s the Michael White story. He was on his bicycle delivering Uber Eats in center city Philly when a white guy jumps out of car upset that traffic’s not moving. Michael, standing on the sidewalk tells the white dude to clam down. The white guy, who had been drinking all day after completing a successful business deal, confronted Michael White. Michael White made sure the white guy saw he was carrying a knife. The white guy still bum-rushed Michael White and put him in a bearhug. Micheal White stabbed him to death.

Who, besides a drunk white man, is going to bring a bearhug to a knife fight? Even the jurors, most of whom were not Michael White’s peers, acquitted him of murder.

There’s no way Michael White knew the white guy was drunk. If he had, and if he leaned the lessons many of us have been taught about being around drunk white folks, he may have not engaged with the guy in the first place.

Who do you expect is going to come to Michael Whites’ defense? Obviously, the white people on the scene of the crime didn’t even try to stop the guy from attacking Michael White. They certainly weren’t going to come to Michael White’s defense. Of course Black folks are coming to his defense when they learn he was in a self defense mode. If he had just walked up on the white dude and stabbed him to death, he would not have any support.

Rich drunk white man jumps out of a luxury car in center city and attacks a poor young Black man standing on the sidewalk with his bicycle and pays the ultimate price. Flowers is nauseated because Black folks came out and supported Michael White. What point is she trying to make?

I get flack because I write about blackfaced Mummers, and she gets paid to write stuff like this.

Like Earth Wind and Fire sings, Life is Very Fair but So Uncool.