Last week was homecoming and there were millions of people mulling around the A-Field enjoying the 61-6 win over a hapless opponent and hanging out with classmates young and old grubbing on bar-b-que ribs and leg of lamb. This week was a different story.

61-6 wins are good for the ego but a 18-14 win over Academy Park is good for the soul.


In front of a near capacity crowd of 50,100 faithful Chester High football fans, our team went into halftime with a one point deficit and scratched and clawed their way to a gutsy win that had miracle written all over it.

It’s not fancy but we love our new scoreboard working for its second straight game after installation. Notice how well it displays the halftime score.

Chester’s defense is awesome and although tired from being on the field for an extended period of time, Academy Park could only muster a single touchdown in the second half. Chester’s offense seems to take 2-steps backward before marching 1-step forward and couldn’t put much of anything together to sustain a drive other than bad decisions and penalties.

But, thanks to the BIG PLAY, Chester found themselves behind by 2 points with a few minutes to play. By most reasonable spectator expectations, the game was over when Chester couldn’t convert the 2-point conversion and Academy Park only had to run a few plays to end the game.

And then this happened…

On the first snap, the Academy Park quarterback ran to the right and had the ball stripped out of his claw. The ball laid on the turf with an inviting grin and was gently picked up by a Chester defender who ran about 35-yards untouched to the end zone.

The crowd went crazy and surely could be heard as far away as 3rd and Pusey.

With Chester holding a 4-point lead and Academy Park having to go nearly the length of the field, they threw an interception giving the ball right back to Chester. Chester couldn’t run out the clock thanks to Academy Park calling timeouts after each play, and they got the ball back for one last try with about 1 minute to play. The Chester defense held their ground and the game ended with a Chester comeback victory.

I’ve seen a lot of Chester High football games from the time I was a kid but I don’t remember ever seeing one end as exciting as this game. It was one for the ages.

Didn’t all the Delaware County Daily Times sports writers pick Academy Park to win? We showed them, huh?

Coach got drenched in celebration