It’s probably good I don’t have access to police reports because I’m sure there’s a lot of crazy stories to be written like the one in the Delaware County Daily Times today. At least the Daily Times must present articles with some semblance of seriousness which would be totally thrown out the window if I had a shot at some of this material.

It caught my eye because Chester was in the headline – ‘Chester man pleads in I-95 chase, shooting.’

‘Wow’ was my first thought as I imagined what it would be like to be driving on a major highway and there’s a shootout going on without a camera crew to confirm it’s just a ‘Fast and Furious’ rehearsal.

As with most cases, this guy took the plea. But things started to get a little funny when I read what he was charged with – ‘propulsion of a missile into an occupied vehicle.’ Now my mind has switched from two cars speeding down a crowded highway poppin’ off with 22s to and Sherman tank plodding down the center lane with a couple gunners sticking their heads out the top of the tank firing real missiles at a passing car.

Reading on, I figured it really wasn’t that serious because the propulsion of a missile into an occupied vehicle is only a first degree misdemeanor, even if it were a Sherman tank involved.

Along with the missile propulsion plea, he also took on a charge of reckless endangerment (which sounds about right). I’m not certain how many degrees of endangerment there are, but the reckless type is considered a second degree misdemeanor.

The paper states that combining these two misdemeanors can get him up to 7-years in prison. I know folks with hard core felonies who haven’t seen nearly that much time, so, never underestimate the power of a misdemeanor.

Now the story goes from absurd to bizarre.

When the troopers show up to the scene at 3 in the morning where the two cars are ‘stopped on the roadway,’ Mr. Pleabody tells them his car was stolen and he was chasing it and shooting at it. But, the person driving the stolen car wasn’t in it when the police arrived.

I’m having a hard time figuring out why this guy is shooting at his own car. If he does shoot the driver, more than likely the car will be destroyed and not too many insurance companies will cover that…unless, maybe, you’re covered with that company that has that guy Mayhem in their commercials.

Final question. If your car is stolen, who’s car are you driving to chase your stolen car? Maybe the wife’s car? Maybe he has a second vehicle? Maybe a good friend let him borrow their car to chase his car?

The good news is it appears no one was hurt. I hope Judge Green doesn’t throw this guy in jail for 7-years but I wouldn’t be mad if he confiscated his X-Box and Grand Theft Auto video game.