I owe all my loyal readers an apology because I said I was going to stop at Part 2 with my opinions of the Chadds Ford rich black man traffic stop. As much as I tried to resist, this Philly Inquirer article from a couple days ago won’t allow me to move on until I get a few things off my keyboard.

We’ve learned the State Troopers will be investigating the actions of their officer that performed the traffic stop particularly due to his performance during the stop. Enough said about the performance, but there’s something to be said of how these investigations are conducted.

The Inquirer brought us a few interesting facts regarding State Trooper investigations, like…

PENNSYLVANIA state troopers involved in all 11 cases of alleged racial profiling last year were cleared by internal investigations because the complaints were unfounded and motivated largely by anger, a top State Police official said Monday. Since 2016, none of the 32 racial profiling claims lodged against Pennsylvania State Police was sustained, meaning the accused troopers were cleared of wrongdoing in each case.

Not even the 76ers went 0-for-32 without a win during The Process.

Allow me to introduce you to the guy in charge of investigating racial profiling for the troopers.

Sgt. William C. Slaton, heritage affairs commander in the State Police Equality and Inclusion Office. As heritage affairs commander, Slaton monitors and responds to hate and bias crimes, teaches cultural diversity and racial profiling awareness to cadets at the police academy, and helps to investigate racial profiling complaints against troopers. He says, “I am a corrective measure.”

Let’s start with that job title: Heritage Affairs Commander in the Equality and Inclusion Office. Out of my respect for law enforcement in general, I’m going to pass on writing anything about that unusual title. I do wonder how many people work in that department and what are the qualifications for such a role. Sgt. Slaton does provide his job description as…

one of the many measures that we have in place to ensure that bias or hate or anti-religion or racism does not creep into this department

In his role as Heritage Affairs Commander, he justifies their 0-32 record (or 32-0 depending on your slant) is due to…

…a lot of people get pulled over for a traffic violation, then when they end up with a citation, they get upset so they file a complaint with regard to bias-based profiling. So a lot of people just file that complaint just because they’re upset. Other complaints are filed because troopers may have failed to properly explain why they pulled motorists over. So they think, ‘He racially profiled me.’

Yes indeed. I totally concur with all that. People who get pulled over are always upset they got pulled over regardless of whether they were wrong or not. Not being told why you’re pulled over only adds to the frustration. White folks don’t have the privilege of filing a racial complaint – or do they if they’re pulled over by a black trooper?

Oh, there’s this…

93% of the Pennsylvania State Troopers are white.

With so few black troopers, white motorist are almost justified to file a complaint just for being pulled over by a black trooper, if they wanted to. It’ll probably be ruled unsustained even if appearing nefarious if I understant this quote from Slaton…

Slaton said. “I wouldn’t say just because somebody filed a complaint and they’re all unsustained that there is something nefarious going on.”

Where I come from, we call that ‘double talk.’

All that being said, the part I found most interesting is how they conduct their complaints. It goes like this…

  1. A complaint is lodged against a trooper
  2. An Internal Affairs investigation is conducted by former criminal investigators who complete their work without issuing an opinion
  3. The investigation findings are submitted to four officials who must unanimously agree in order for a complaint to be sustained
  4. The four officials are Slaton, two other commanders, and the deputy commissioner of administration and professional responsibility.
  5. Sustained complaints are sent to the director of the Disciplinary Office, who determines the discipline.

That’s like going up against Wilt, Magic, Jordan, AI, and Kahwi, with Kobe, LeBron, Kareem, Shaq, and Jerry West coming off the bench with the Big O on injury reserve.

It’ll take more than The Process to not end up 0-33.

To provide some perspective, imagine the PA State Police being 93% black. It would look like this…