You never want me to walk in the room when you’re trying to watch Jeopardy. I will answer every question faster than they can buzz in. Unfortunately, 95% of my answers are terribly wrong but you’d never know until Alex blows my cover. I can give a great wrong answer and convince you I know what I’m talking about, when, I’m really lying my ass off. Oops, it’s called bluffing.

The old game show Hollywood Squares was made for me when the premise was to give a wrong answer and the player had to decide if the celebrity was telling the truth or not.

That’s what ‘Brilliant or BS?’ is all about.

I heard a podcast episode where the game developer was interviewed and then went right into playing the game with the show hosts. It was hilarious, contemporary, black enough, and right up my alley.

It’s a simple trivia game that goes something like this…

One person reads the question and gives the three multiple choice answers (a,b, or c). The players pick their answer and has to convince the person reading the question why they’re so sure they know the right answer. The person reading the question selects who is Brilliant and who is BSing. The points are decided on who is right or wrong and who was selected as Brilliant and BSing.

The game was developed by Kimelia Weathers who works on TV game and reality shows like Hells Kitchen, Project Runway, and the new Steph Curry golfing game show. She raised $10,000 on Kickstarter to get it made, and it can be purchased on her website where you can also see the game in action.

If you like bluffing games, trivia games, and games with some questions we can relate to, this is the one.

I liked it so much, I bought two.

  • Listen to her interview and hear a round of the game played on ‘Dope Dealers Podcast’ episode 68: Brilliant or BS
  • The website.
  • Instagram: @Brilliantorbs