I’m willing to bet there’s not an event that celebrates graduates like the Baccalaureate Service that Rodney Bradley and Friends hosts at Cornerstone Christian Ministries.


This year, 35 graduates, from high school to PhDs, were honored in the presence of family, friends, and a church full of former college graduates donning caps and gowns, as the Bradley choir performed, the speakers spoke, and the food was consumed.

Dray Clark delivered an inspiring message to the graduates and Dr. Castel Abner, Jr. gave them their charge. RodneyGrad11.jpg

Photos do no justice to convey the impact of seeing so many people of all ages looking all scholarly. The purpose of the event is to recognize outstanding academic performance, shower the graduates with gifts, money, and trophies, and offer them an opportunity to meet and mingle with others who likely share their career and educational interest.

A special award went to two high school girls who lost their mothers before witnessing their graduation, and the first ‘Peabody Award’ was bestowed to two student athletes.

Dr. Rodney Bradley’s vision in arranging and conducting this program is nothing short of miraculous. Celebrating educational achievement is a wonderful thing.