The Youth Summit has a 19 year history in the Chester community beginning in 2000 with the Chester Education Foundation. In 2006, the mantle was handed to the Chester Youth Collaborative, and ultimately given to the Boys & Girls Club of Chester in 2014. In 2018, the Youth Summit became a collaborative effort between the Boys & Girls Club of Chester (BGCC) and the Chester Upland School District (CUSD) and is now known as the Youth & Family Summit.


Despite the name changing throughout the years the goal has remained the same, to empower the youth of our community; enable them to become positive change agents in their communities; and support them in building skills in leadership, integrity, and teamwork. This youth-led event is a demonstration to our community of what youth and adults are able to achieve with a vision (Leadership), hard work (Integrity), and determination (Teamwork).


On May 27, 2019, the It’s L.I.T.Youth & Family Summit was held at STEM Academy hosted by CUSD, BGCC and other collaborative partners like, Making A Change Group, Biddy League, Soccer for Success, and the City of Chester.  We are collectively grateful for all who helped make this day a success. Our theme, It’s L.I.T. (leadership, integrity, and teamwork) was in full effect.


 Thank you to our sponsors, Delaware County Behavioral Health, COPE, Patricia Kind Foundation, and SAMSHA. Thank you to all of the workshop leaders, volunteers, CUSD facility, dietary staff, and the CUSD culinary students. The food was a BIG HIT! Thank you to the community for supporting this annual event with more than 350 youth and adults in attendance.   Lastly, thank you to the Boys & Girls Club of Chester Youth Leadership Council and all of the young people with a leadership role. You put in countless hours of brainstorming and organizing an event that engaged people and topics that were important to the “whole” community. You were amazing!  


The 2019 Family & Youth Summit was another success in the Chester community, and we can’t wait to see what next year has in store for us. Partnerships, community support, and youth voice seem to be the winning ingredients. Let’s keep the momentum going!