Robert Smith has set the bar extremely high for those who help students afford higher education with his gift to Morehouse College graduates, but you can do your part by simply buying a sandwich at Aunt B’s Country Kitchen in the Marketplace on 4th and Engle.

Friends and family of ‘Peabody’ (Ronald J. Williams, Jr.) are still reeling over his death last year. In an effort to keep his memory alive in a positive manner, the Williams family created the Ronald Jahmal “Peabody” Williams Scholarship for high school students in the city of Chester which everyone with an appetite can contribute to.

Bernadette ‘Aunt B’ Williams


His mother, Bernadette Williams, who owns and operates Aunt B’s Country Kitchen at 2300 West 4th Street, offers Peabody’s favorite grilled turkey sandwich as a primary fundraiser for the scholarship fund. Proceeds from the purchase of a “Little Peabody” Sandwich help develop and build the scholarship fund.

The Little Peabody Sandwich


Aunt B’s is open Tuesday through Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Sunday from 11:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., serving some of the best homemade meals you’ll find anywhere, from breakfast sandwiches to pancakes, fish, chicken, turkey, gumbo, vegetarian and vegan eats. You can eat-in, take-out, call ahead and even have it home or office delivered through DoorDash. (484.474.6779)

It’s a family affair at Aunt B’s

Bernadette is a certified foodie. She always loved feeding her large family with home cooked meals and is glued to the TV watching cooking shows during her down time. She completed culinary school to expand her knowledge of food and its preparation without any immediately plan to open a eatery. Just as she was ready to launch Aunt B’s, she tragically lost her son, Peabody.

Through faith and a lot of family support, she found the strength to see the project through and has operated Aunt B’s in the Marketplace for just over a year with an ever increasing customer base which allowed her to retire from her full time job and dedicate her time to feeding the community.

Realizing she needed a way to keep Peabody’s legacy alive, the family came up with the scholarship concept honoring his commitment to education and athletics.

The scholarship is awarded to graduating seniors who are matriculating in athletic programs at Chester High School, Chester Community Charter School, Chester Charter School for the Arts, and the STEM Academy. All applications must be received no later than June 1. Pick up an application at Aunt B’s. There’s not much time left to apply for this year, so hurry up.

When you know you ain’t at KFC

I dined at Aunt B’s today and had the turkey wings smothered in her famous rice and gravy, yams, and greens, with cornbread on the side. I meant to take a photo of the plate, but my appetite overruled my camera. The meal was amazing.

Buy a “Peabody,” help a student finance their education. Buy a breakfast, lunch or dinner, and support one of Chester’s favorite families dedicated to bringing the best culinary experience to the community.