Who would think there’s a big election tomorrow? Well, maybe it’s not that big considering how quiet it is on the streets of Chester. Other than the Magisterial District Judge race, there is no other campaign action going on around town.

For some unexplained reason, Chester Matters has never been the go-to spot for candidates to launch their campaign platform. No one purchased ads or sent press releases, but there were a few folks who reached out for me to meet, eat, or acknowledge their run. I’m not here to endorse anyone, but I appreciate the ones who took some effort to share a little of their political intent in anticipation of this week’s primary election.

Here they are:

  • Joy Taylor for District Judge in Chester
  • Nusrat Rashid for Court of Common Pleas in Delaware County
  • Christine Ruether for Delaware County Council
  • Jack Stollsteimer for District Attorney for Delaware County

Yesterday, someone sent me a note that some Chester City polling places were in danger of not opening due to a lack of people to work the polls. It sounded a little fishy at first, but the issue goes beyond Chester according to today’s Philadelphia Inquirer front-page story on the poll worker shortage nationwide.

Whenever people vested in the election process from the county ask me about the Chester election process, all they want to know is how to get more Chester people to come out and vote. I never attempt a response to that line of questioning, but for the Chester politicians who are on the ballot, plenty of people are wondering why there’s so little effort to promote your campaign or any efforts to increase election participation.

It’s almost as if folks around Chester are being encouraged not to come out to vote.