Used to be a time when ‘If it’s free, it’s for me.’ A handful of people took advantage of a free straight-ahead jazz concert in Chester Friday night at MJ Freed, and they’re glad they did.

George Johnson10.jpg
The Trio

Andre Café Acoustique teamed up with the MJ Freed Theater to kick off the first of 8 shows to be held between the two spaces through December. Don’t expect any other shows to be free.

George Johnson09.jpg
Not your everyday drum set as George A. Johnson plays electronic/synthesizer drums

Friday’s show featured drummer George A. Johnson, Jr. and his trio of which I was remiss in not capturing their names, but I sure took in their sound. They played a handful of familiar jazz standards and at least on rock cover.

Maybe we’ll see you next time.

George Johnson04.jpg
I heard someone say, ‘She plays like a man.’ Men wish they could play like her. 
George Johnson05.jpg
Can you do jazz without a Hammond?