Come autumn, we expect to hear Dave Burman calling the Chester High School football games from the press box. Today, Dave called the Penn Wood vs. Chester High baseball game from the box seats.

I had to come out to see how he was going to pull off this stunt for Senior Day.

CHS BurmanBaseball02

The walking encyclopedia of Pennsylvania high school sports, Dave has a long history of calling basketball and football games, and with few opportunities to call baseball, he stepped in with that golden voice and slight homey favoritism, and brought an exciting flavor to what it usually a very quiet 7-inning contest.

CHS BurmanBaseball09

Even the game was good. Penn Wood scored the game’s first run in the 5th inning and added 2 more in the 7th. Chester loaded the bases in the bottom of the 7th with 2 outs … and I had to leave. Please forgive the tease; I really had to go. Check you’re local listings for the final results.

CHS BurmanBaseball05
The ball’s in the glove. Safe or Out?

I’m sure both teams enjoyed hearing their names being called by an announcer. I’ve never seen it done at the high school level around here. Let’s do it a few times next year. For fans who don’t have a score board to keep up with the score, it’s nice to have someone remind us the inning, score, number of outs, and to hear our favorite player’s names.

Great move Chester High. Having Dave Burman do the game was a nice touch.

CHS BurmanBaseball08
Out by a full step
CHS BurmanBaseball07
Ate it up on the Hot Corner
CHS BurmanBaseball11
Kept the book and announced the game with no desk, chair, sunblock, bathroom, or concession stand. What a stud.