I’m learning that it’s best I keep my mouth shut, so I’ll let this press release do all the talking…

The Stormwater Authority of Chester and Corvias have partnered on this Community Based Public-Private Partnership (CBP3) to implement an integrated water quality program with an initial investment of $50 million of green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) with a 30‐year management term.

That’s $50 million over 30-years.

Sometimes city government claims they’re not responsible for, and wants no parts of, the Stormwater Authority of Chester, and sometimes they do. This time they certainly showed out. May 10, 2019–Corvias, in partnership with the Stormwater Authority of Chester (SAC), Pa., celebrated new green infrastructure at a ribbon cutting for the Veteran’s Memorial Park Green Stormwater Infrastructure Project

The City of Chester is a leader in stormwater management and Corvias is proud to partner with the city to both keep the water clean and to contribute to the revitalization of the city through the creation of local job and contracting opportunities.

stormwater memorial park4
Some people see stormwater improvements, others see a lot of parking spaces removed and the road narrowed. Most of us have never seen trees planted in the street

Chester is a leader and stormwater management is important to help revitalize the city.

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stormwater memorial park2.jpg
The is what stormwater management looks like
stormwater memorial park1
This is what the infield looks like

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