Minister Louis Farrakhan has said some wicked things on a few occasions. For that, Facebook took down his page for hate speech.

The overwhelming vast majority of what Farrakhan spews almost always regards black liberation. In fact, if you were to listen to his messages, read his paper, or talk to people who follow him, you’d be hard pressed to encounter any fighting words. Farrakhan is beloved in the black community for motivating people to learn the methods and benefits of education, entrepreneurship, clean living, family values, and advancement.

No one tunes to Minister Farrakhan looking to receive marching orders to hate. In fact, if Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam was a treat to the white establishment, they would have been shut down long ago. No one messes with The Nation because The Nation doesn’t mess with anyone.

I’ve written in the past that Minister Farrakhan is no different than a Christian preacher of a mega church. His congregation is made up of parishioners from across the country who attend local services that follow their belief. You hardly hear a peep out of them. They quietly go about their business and many of the people that follow turn out to be better citizens then before they found The Nation.

That’s why most of us black folks just shake our head when we heard the Minister had his Facebook page taken down. It surely wasn’t because his Facebook page was full of hate speech like all the others they took down. It was just convenient to finally find a way to tacitly appease the folks who don’t like hearing a steady diet of black liberation rhetoric.

I think I speak for most folks when I say, no one is broken up over Minister Farrakhan being taken off of Facebook. For those who want to hear from him, they know where to find him. Taking Minister Farrakhan off of Facebook hasn’t reduced hate speech from the black community because none of us follow the Minister anticipating a message of hate.

Yes, he’s called bad people bad, but despite whatever he’s said, it has never been a call to arms or revolution. If it was, he’s failed terribly at his mission.

Let this be a lesson that Facebook can take you down whenever and for whatever reason they like. If you are solely using Facebook to represent your brand, you are taking a huge risk. You can be shut down in an instant for the most bizarre reasons. Just a week ago someone wrote that I was hating on Chester City government. Who knows, that may qualify as hate speech and I may find my site shut down soon.