I drove up to get my favorite iced tea not realizing how strange the Swiss Farm drive through grocery store could be for my out of town passenger. I figured there was such a thing in Everytown, USA, but I was wrong.

We think nothing of driving through for a burger and fries, the bank, Starbucks, many pharmacies, and paying your Chester water bill.

In my travels, one of the most unusual drive through was a liquor store in Denver. But, the one that takes the case was in Baton Rouge where they have a drive through frozen daiquiri spot. At least at the liquor store they give you a bottle that’s sealed and in a bag, but the daiquiri comes only with a straw so you can, and will, immediately drink and drive because it’s hot as hell and I guess they figure there’s nothing more refreshing than a huge frozen daiquiri while driving down the highway to quench that thirst. (And they are potent.)

Swiss Farms is a Delaware County thing with a few dozen stores scattered around where you can drive up to either side of the store and a clerk takes your order, takes your money, and you leave with your grub. It couldn’t be any simpler. It’s a little strange to not be able to walk the aisles but they give you a flyer and have a website and stock most of the stuff you forgot to get at the store, anyway.


Trust me when I tell you the Swiss Farms Diet Green Tea with Pomegranate and Blueberry is straight up delicious. They don’t make a no-diet variety and I don’t buy it because I want to look like I’m trying to lose weight – it just tastes so good. It’s about $3-and change.

Thank me later.


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