Every time I write something during Black History Month, I mention the two guys that never get enough recognition: Paul Robeson and Adam Clayton Powell, Jr.

Adam ‘Keep The Faith Baby’ Clayton Powell is still an obscure historical icon, but comically, thanks to Kate Smith, everybody now knows at least one thing about Paul Robeson – he and Kate sung the same song. Hopefully we have an excuse to learn more about Robeson, who, in his lifetime, ran laps around Ms. Kate’s body of work.

It’s hard to believe Kate is still in the news. I even read a letter to the editor in the Daily Times today where the writer is grieved that not enough energy is spent doing real things to solve racial problems while making an impassioned case for President Lincoln’s statues to come down.

I said what I had to say about Kate and her statue and even thought I was through with it until someone showed me some photos yesterday they took of the Kate statue sitting on a truck in Chester.

Yes, Kate Smith was hanging out in Chester waiting for her new orders before being hauled away to Wildwood, NJ (I don’t know that for sure).

I’ve heard of out of town criminals hiding out in Chester; stolen cars found in Chester; dead bodies left in Chester; out of town bulk trash dumped in Chester; etc. Chester gets dumped on regularly from the outside. Are they dumping Kate Smith on us, too?

Kate Smith statue resting on a flatbed after suffocating under a tarp for a few days in Philly before being hauled to Clayton St. & Rt 291 in Chester, right outside of the old Berry and Homer printing company.