Chester MicroEnterprise taught me that a closed business isn’t necessarily a failed business. That’s got to be the mantra of all serial entrepreneurs.
Our guy Keno is at it again with yet another business.

When I first met him, he and his wife opened a children’s clothing store. Then he brought Chester their version of Chuckie Cheese with a game room/arcade. Following that was a sports lounge perfect for guys who were looking for a place to hang out and watch the game without being in a bar.

Keno recently put his sights on the old Tony Rucker eye glass building and now has his hands in battered shrimp bringing the city some great seafood, chicken, and ribs.


He’s been open a few weeks and the buzz is loud all over town. In fact, when I was at Harrah’s the other night watching the Sixers score 51 points in the 3rd quarter, a friend sat with me as we watched and talked. When the game started getting out of hand, he hopped on his phone, smiled, and said, “Keno is still cooking, I’m out.”

Well, damn. I was enjoying his company. I got up and went home feeling some kinda way.

I was leaving an event hungry and drove by to see if Keno was open tonight and the line of cars parked on both sides of the street answered that question. As soon as I walked in, Keno asked, where was my camera? (Kaint a brother just come and get some grub)?

Congrats Keno. I think you hit the sweet spot this time.

Come on. All y’all this hungry at 8pm on a Wednesday night?
The orders were stacked up

The guys and gals placed their orders

The ladies were keeping things moving