We should all know by now I strive to bring you the good news, especially when it comes out of Chester. I’ve been wanting to share this great story of the Nuemann University nurse from Chester who has been recognized for starting a youth mentoring program but there was an important part of the story missing which I can’t get an answer to. Since the same story is in today’s Daily Times, I’ll focus first on the good part of the story.

From Neumann.edu…

Dr. Michelle Santana, a nursing professor at Neumann University new program, Angel’s Rise, a mentorship program for Chester youth, grades nine through 12.
Each child in this program is assessed on several developmental cycles, including professional, personal, financial, political, and cultural. The result is an individualized plan that is developed for the child based on where their greatest needs lie, a model that took Santana four years to develop.

Angel’s Rise teaches basic life skills that are not taught in school, like how to open a bank account, how to prepare for a job interview, how to apply for college, how to function in a community, and most importantly, how to ask for help.

Born and raised in Chester, Santana earned her bachelor’s degree in nursing from Neumann, followed by a master’s degree in nursing from Drexel University, and a doctorate in nursing from Grand Canyon University.

No one can deny, that’s a great story.

Now the bad part of the story. The whole premise of the article was to congratulate her for being named ‘Chester’s Woman of the Year.’ When it first came across my timeline, I thought I was asking an innocent question – “Who awards the ‘Chester Woman of the Year’ award?”

I still don’t have an answer. I didn’t mean any harm by asking, I just wanted to give the organization giving the award a shout-out, too.

If anyone knows, please add it to the comment section so the story can be complete.

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