Last night, I attended a gathering at Swarthmore College hosted by Mike Ewall’s Environmental Justice Network (EJN) where about 40 students gathered to learn what they can do to challenge the existence of the Covanta trash incinerator in Chester.

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I found it amazing that the Swarthmore students, who mostly come from other parts of the country, are so familiar with Chester being the poster child for environmental racism and justice. Granted, most of the students in attendance have some scholarly interest in environmental issues, so it’s only natural for them to gather for this presentation even though Mike Ewall said he was even surprised by the turn out.

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Mike gave the students a brief background of what the issues are with Convanta’s existence including its history, the politics, the environmental issues, some science, and the health effects on the community. He then asked the students to ask whatever questions they had to help him focus on giving them the information they needed.

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Following the dog & pony show, Mike expressed the latest strategy EJN intends to implement to challenge Convanta’s existence. And then he put it out there to the students to see if they’d be interested in joining the movement to help make it happen.

Without sharing all the details, let’s just say the response was impressive.

These young folks are going to make some noise in the next couple months reminiscent of what we saw in Florida with the Stoneman Douglass High School students making noise over gun control.

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By way of warning, I’d like for the Delaware County, Philadelphia, and Ocean City, Maryland politicians to be on the lookout for a bunch of smart, young, fresh faces showing up and showing out in support of quality of life for Chester residents.

The End, for now.

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