Give me a moment and I’ll put together a post on the college admissions cheating scandal. In the meantime, I couldn’t help but to make a comment on how the story is being covered in the newspapers and a few online sites.

The Department of Justice charged 50 people in this scandal including parents, coaches, and school officials. Since they’re only indicted, maybe there’s some law preventing all their photos from showing up, but we certainly have seen a few of the celebrity people and a few of the students.

I get accused of bringing up race all the time, and I represent that statement. If it bothers you, stop reading now because here I go again.

On Friday, March 15, on page 13, the Delaware County Daily Times ran the Associated Press story, ‘Coaches accused in bribery scandal wielded outsize authority’ with a photo of the Yale women’s soccer coach.

The only issue I have is there are three coaches named in the article and none of them are pictured. But, for some reason, the Yale women’s soccer coach, who wasn’t mentioned at all in the article, is pictured.

Is it because he’s black?

And why is it important to the story that one of the tennis coaches mentioned in the story coached Michelle Obama and her children? Is there something we’re supposed to imply?

Every time a Gucci, Prada, Katy Perry, or the H&Ms of the world slip up and get caught putting out some racist looking merchandise or advertising, there’s always the point made that if a black person was on staff, that stuff wouldn’t be approved.

The same thing applies to newsrooms. If I was the one black guy at the Daily Times, I would have told the editors to take the black coach photo off the article unless you’re going to mention him in the article.

What’s the chances that he’s the only black person caught up in this scandal? If there’s ever a time to give black folks some credit for something, why not in a scandal.

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