Folks like to say newspapers are dead or dying but the Glen Mills fiasco is another reason why newspapers are still relevant.

The recent Inquirer/Daily News investigation uncovered decades of abuse by counselors at Glen Mills, where boys said they are threatened to keep quiet about the violence they endure.

It took a Philadelphia Inquirer report published this month to wake up folks that there’s been a problem at Glen Mills for years.

Now everyone wants to pull their boys out of Glen Mills. Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Kent County, Michigan, Harris County, Texas, Erie County, PA.

Thanks to newspaper reports, we’ve now got all kinds of folks investigating Glen Mills: the state Department of Human Services, Pennsylvania auditor general and attorney general, the regional office of the U.S. Department of Justice, and Delaware County District Attorney.

It’s hard for me to believe no one had a clue anything was going on at Glen Mills before the Inquirer/Daily News sent their reporters in. You can’t tell me every boy from Pennsylvania, California, Michigan, and Texas that has gone through Glen Mills maintained their silence on the treatment they witnessed or received.

You can stop reading and supporting newspapers if you want. The more newspapers die, the more issues and problems like this are never uncovered and investigated.

Support local newspapers.